Mission Statement
"To meet or exceed our customers expectations and to be their best business partner"
Patrick E. Tons Jr. President & Owner
pat@pattonsroofing.com                          Sales@pattonsroofing.com

Would you hire a reputable contractor that offers peace of mind, clear
pricing, uses the best products on the market, and offers a no-hassle
guarantee? Many home owners and businesses would, and that is why
home owners in Texas choose Pat Tons Roofing to take care of their home
roofing installation, repairs, remodeling and handyman needs.

What We Do
In the roofing industry it is very typical that the contractor you choose
follow certain, State of Texas, roofing codes.  We choose to meet or exceed
these codes by following Dade County Florida codes, which supersedes the
State of Texas, to provide the end user a more durable and long lasting
roofing system to protect their largest life time investment.
Pat Tons Roofing RRC,LLC
7521 Leading Oaks
Live Oak,
TX 78233
210-381-4304 Office
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7521 Leading Oaks
Live Oak,Texas 78233
210-381-4304 office
210-999-5689 fax
Pat Tons Roofing RRC, LLC                           
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311 E. 14th Street
P.O. Box 13509
Austin, Texas 78711
877-651-TRCC (8722)
Pat Tons Roofing RRC, LLC is proud to announce that we are registered with the Texas Residential
Construction Commission. For more information on the significance of this to our prospective clients
click here.
Registration Number 46742
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